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Moving to WordPress.com

The logo of the blogging software WordPress. D... I decided to pull the trigger on moving my sites to WordPress.com. I really hope Posterous survives the Twitter acquisition, but I'm not sticking around long enough to find out. I'm also working on eliminating my hosting account at Dreamhost. $120/year was fine when I was hosting a bunch of custom sites, but I don't anymore. I've really just got the two blogs/sites. WordPress.com may not offer a whole lot of flexibility, but lately I'm finding that is a good thing. It keeps me from fiddling with the site, and lets me concentrate more on the actual content--much like Posterous has. And since I don't need extra space, or anything really fancy, $12/year is a bargain once I kill my Dreamhost hosting plan.

I just paid to point my other domain to WordPress. Once I know for sure that it works (and get an idea of what hiccups will occur,) I'll move danielhedrick.com over here, too.

It's kinda fun. I haven't done any web-geekery in awhile.

Why oh why is DNS so slow to propagate? :)