Quick Tip: Evernote and blogging with WordPress

I like to write my blog posts in Evernote, complete with images. Once a post is written, proofread, tweaked, etc. in Evernote, I'd copy/paste the text into WordPress' HTML editor. (Pasting into the HTML editor instead of the Visual editor gets rid of any extra Evernote HTML.) Once the text was in the editor field, I'd remove extra lines (there always seems to be an extra line between paragraphs.)

From there, I'd right-click each image in Evernote and save it to a folder on my desktop. Once they were all saved, I'd go back into the WordPress editor and upload the files. It really wasn't all that difficult, but there is a more efficient way, (and we're all about efficiency, right?)

Move the WordPress window and Evernote window so they're side-by-side. Click the "Media" icon above your WordPress post, then just drag and drop images directly from Evernote on to the WordPress Media window. No need to save images to your Desktop first.

Once the image has finished uploading, add it to your blog post as usual.