TUESDAY TIPS: Costco's Poster Board Prints


The Family Wall

I've started working on a project that includes head shots of all the members of my family. Originally, I had an elaborate plan which included matching custom frames and matting. Then I started pricing things out.

I love my family, but frames are expensive.


I love Costco, but I've never really used them for photo printing. One day, while walking out, I glanced over at the photo center and saw these large poster board prints. $25 for a 20x30 print was pretty awesome, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

I uploaded a black and white head shot, cropped at a 2:3 ratio, and placed my order. It was ready the same day. I liked it so much, I printed two more. They don't need frames. There's a nice white border around the image, and the poster board is rigid enough to stand on its own.

Creating the Wall

I picked up some of those 3M strips that don't damage walls, and started measuring and sticking the prints on the wall. Perfection.

Note: Be sure to follow the instructions regarding removing the 3M strips if you need to take your prints down. If you don't, you'll rip the paint right off the wall.

I moved recently, and haven't re-stuck the prints, but when I print and stick all of the family photos, I'll be sure to add it to a future post.

Have you found a less expensive way to hang large prints? Let me know!