TUESDAY TIPS: Think before you shoot

Shooting Up

I'm a fan of DigitalRev. Yeah, they're almost always kind of goofy, but there's a good message in this particular video. They've done several Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenges--this one involves US photographer Douglas Sonders.

"Don't just shoot, think."

I'm guilty of this. An entire photo walk where every single shot is taken while standing up. Don't be afraid to get dirty, try different angles, lie down on the job, or climb the ladder of success (or a tree, if one is handy.)

If you get stuck, take a kid shooting with you. Preferably one in the nine to thirteen-year-old range. They see things differently, and watching them photograph the things around them really helps us boring old folks take a new approach to the stuff we see every day.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to spend this week shooting from any angle other than standing up shooting at eye-level. Crawl around your house or your back yard, stand on a chair (carefully,) or lie down on the sidewalk. Post the pictures somewhere and send me links, either in the comments below, or on Twitter or Facebook. If you post on Twitter, use the hashtag #dhctuestips.

The slideshow below is a pretty good example of what not to do. Notice almost every shot is taken from the point of view of a 5' 10" biped.