Smartphone photography with the Reticam tripod mount

I’ve owned a few different tripod mounts for my iPhone over the years. None of them were all that stable, and all of them have found their way to the Drawer of Despair. All except the RetiCAM.

CNC machined from solid aluminum, and locked in place with a steel bolt, the RetiCAM Smartphone Tripod Mount is the best I’ve seen. It accommodates almost all sizes of smart phones, with or without cases, and won’t scratch the phone or the screen. For iPhone 6 Plus or other obscenely large cell phones, try the RetiCAM XL instead.

I’ve been using it along with the Hyperlapse app to make time lapse videos, and as an easy way to FaceTime folks without having to hold my phone. Paired with a Gorillapod, it creates the perfect smartphone photography kit.

BONUS: No need to lug around your big camera this holiday season. Use your smartphone and the RetiCAM to take the family photos.

Hyperlapse video. iPhone 6 held with Gorillapod and RetiCAM mount.