Practicing Photo Techniques With Family

Family and friends are great--if occasionally unwilling--models to use when trying out new techniques. As an added bonus, you'll have photos to add to the family album.

My Dad flew out to Portland for a visit last weekend, and we did our usual scotch and YouTube session Saturday night. He wanted to see some photography videos, so I showed him Peter Hurley's It's All About the Jaw and It's All About the Squinch. The next day he wanted to try out the techniques from the videos, so we did a quick photo session.

This is his typical pose. Sitting, head back, eyes wide open. 

Then, after a bit of practice, he threw in the jaw and squinch.

There's a huge improvement in the jaw line in the second photo. And the squinching definitely creates a different mood for the photo.

What do you think? Have you tried either technique?