Kayla – September 2019

This Portland trip has been busier than most, but Kayla and I managed to carve out a couple hours for a quick shoot. It was a gorgeous day in Portland, so the window light was perfect. There's something to be said for working with the same models for years. We are able to spend less … Continue reading Kayla – September 2019


There’s a great little brewery down under the St. John’s bridge called Occidental. Across the courtyard from it is an awesome wursthaus by the name of Urban German. They put on a perfectly-sized Octoberfest. There are just enough people to make it a party without being so packed you can’t walk around.

12 ways to destroy your credibility

The internet, specifically social media, has changed the way people think about marketing. In the past, word-of-mouth advertising was limited to a neighborhood or small social circles. Now anyone with an internet connection can share their experience with the world. Your credibility as a person and as a business owner can, and often times is, broadcast … Continue reading 12 ways to destroy your credibility