Almost Summer in the Backyard

After a brutal February and a chilly spring, summer weather is finally starting to show up. I spent about an hour in the back yard with a beer and the big lens trying to capture all the birds. Of course, they were all over the fence before I brought the camera out. But once the … Continue reading Almost Summer in the Backyard

Catching Up

It occurred to me that I haven't posted anything in awhile, so I figured a catch-up post was in order.

In the last post, I introduced you to Malala. I shot her senior photos way back when, and had the opportunity to shoot with her again while I was in Portland.

I aquired a small boat while in Portland. It had been sitting for 10+ years, so I hit up Les Schwab to get new tires and to have the bearings checked. Unfortunately, on my way out of Portland, I blew one of the new tires. The spare looked 20 years old, but it held all the way to Missoula.

Back to Big Sky Country

Twenty-one years ago, I moved to Portland from Montana. I couldn't wait to get out and experience *more*. I knew there was more to life than Montana. A few years ago, I started thinking about moving back. Last summer, I decided to make it happen.

It's not that I don't still love Portland. I'm just not as in love with it as I was back then. The population doubled, but the infrastructure didn't, the political climate felt hypocrytical and strange, and the solid gray skies were starting to get to me.

So I loaded up the UHaul and drove to Montana.

How to survive the Zombie Apocalypse with Evernote

Almost everyone knows how Evernote enhances the lives of... well... the living. But can it also ensure the living stay living in the event of an undead overpopulation? Absolutely. Create a notebook stack called Zombie Apocalypse. In that stack, add the following notebooks: Apocalypse checklist Supplies Safe houses Escape routes Possible supply replenishment locations Zombie … Continue reading How to survive the Zombie Apocalypse with Evernote

TUESDAY TIPS: From Zero to Awesome in No Time Flat (A Guest Post by Kristi Govertsen)

Dear Daniel’s readers, I love learning. I am a self-professed lifelong learner. And like a plant that either grows or dies, I fundamentally believe that if we’re not learning and growing, we’re withering and dying. There is a wide spectrum of options for learning out there in the world, from rigorous academic pursuits to aimless … Continue reading TUESDAY TIPS: From Zero to Awesome in No Time Flat (A Guest Post by Kristi Govertsen)

HISTORY: Recorded

Throughout history, people have recorded their lives. Some write, others save newspaper clippings, old photos, or documents. They all tell a story about a life lived and remembered. Grandma My grandma is a 93-year-old british war bride. I've always enjoyed sitting with her, listening to her stories, and looking at the various pieces of history … Continue reading HISTORY: Recorded