Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and the Apple Mouse

This will be a bit of a detour from the normal posts. And it might be a surprise to those of you who know me and my affinity for all things Apple.

I use a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. The why is probably best saved for a future post, but the short version is that I wanted a tablet that functioned like an actual computer. I love my iPad, but I can only do so much with it. And Windows 10 isn't _horrible_.

With the Surface, I bought the Microsoft keyboard cover. It isn't _horrible_ either. But I'm not a fan of the trackpad. I guess I've been spoiled by the trackpads on my MacBooks. Since I have a nest of Apple Magic Mice roaming around my office, I wanted to use one of them instead of going out and buying a new mouse.

Working From a Home Office

I don't talk much about my day job, though I may start in the next few months. I manage marketing content for several hundred digital signage units across the country. For the past few years, I've been doing this from home.ScheduleInitially I got up, walked a few feet, and plopped down in my office chair … Continue reading Working From a Home Office

Weekend Project – Lighting with household lamps

When I first started shooting with artificial light, I had this misconception that every professional set had a ton of strobes and expensive lighting. I quickly learned that if you were to pull the camera back on some of these shoots, you’d see a lot of gaffers tape, home made light stands, and other setups … Continue reading Weekend Project – Lighting with household lamps

Flickr for iOS: Auto Upload

Auto-upload I’ve posted before about the best ways to get photos from your iPhone to your computer if you don’t use iPhoto or Aperture. Dropbox’s auto-upload feature is still my favorite method of doing that. But what if I want to skip the computer altogether? I use the Flickr app’s auto-upload feature. Honestly, I can’t … Continue reading Flickr for iOS: Auto Upload

TUESDAY TIPS: Canon 5D Mark III Q Button

The Q button on the back of Canon cameras is used primarily for quick access to the camera's primary settings. If you're like me, and avoid manuals at all costs, you may have missed another function of the Q button, too. The other day, I discovered that while in the camera's menu, pressing the Q … Continue reading TUESDAY TIPS: Canon 5D Mark III Q Button

TUESDAY TIPS: How to use the Canon EOS M and Eye-Fi to take better pictures for Evernote Food

In a previous post, I talked about using an Eye-Fi SD card in Direct Mode to get better photos for your Evernote Food entries. Back then, I was using my Canon SD-780is to take better photos. I upgraded that to a Canon EOS M recently, and discovered that the EOS M has a dedicated Eye-Fi … Continue reading TUESDAY TIPS: How to use the Canon EOS M and Eye-Fi to take better pictures for Evernote Food

TUESDAY TIPS: Using Lightroom and Skitch Together

Occasionally, I need to mark up a photo to show changes or instructions. Rather than export an image from Lightroom, then import it into Skitch, I set Skitch up as a secondary Edit In option in Lightroom’s preferences. It’s important to note that this isn’t a round-trip solution. The marking up you do in Skitch … Continue reading TUESDAY TIPS: Using Lightroom and Skitch Together

Fourth of July Photo Tips

'Tis the season to gather friends and family for BBQ, laughter, and blowing stuff up in honor of our freedom. Here are some quick tips on how to make sure you accurately record the festivities with your camera. People Crank up that ISO. Higher ISO means you might be able to snap away without a … Continue reading Fourth of July Photo Tips