Weekend Project – Lighting with household lamps

When I first started shooting with artificial light, I had this misconception that every professional set had a ton of strobes and expensive lighting. I quickly learned that if you were to pull the camera back on some of these shoots, you’d see a lot of gaffers tape, home made light stands, and other setups … Continue reading Weekend Project – Lighting with household lamps

WEEKEND PROJECT: Take a walk or a hike with photography as the main priority

You might have to do this one yourself. I’ve irritated many a hiking buddy by stopping every ten feet to take a picture. This weekend, take a walk or a hike with photography in mind. Don't worry about how far you go, or how fast your pace is. Really slow down and pay attention to your surroundings. Look at things from different angles, as well. Climb up on top of a rock (carefully,) or lie down on your belly to get a different perspective of your surroundings. Don't be afraid to get dirty.


 We’re gong to try something new here on the blog. A simple assignment to try over the weekend. It may sometimes go along with the 52 Weeks project--that way you can cover both at the same time. Grab your camera, and let’s go!This weekend, get as close as you can to your subject (if you … Continue reading WEEKEND PROJECT: Texture