Why I was wrong about the iPad


January 29th of 2010, I didn’t get it. I was convinced that Apple had failed miserably with the iPad. Microsoft had been hinting at the Courier, and that actually looked more like what I would want in a tablet. I was so wrong.

I got the original iPad the day it was released, and for the most part, it has replaced my laptop. Granted, I can’t edit video in Final Cut on the iPad, but for general use, there’s no reason to pack my laptop around anymore. I picked up a bluetooth keyboard to use with the iPad, but the on-screen keyboard is easy to type on, as well. There are a few key areas where the iPad shines for me…

1.) Note-taking: I LOVE me some Evernote. Sure, I can use it on my iPhone, but I hate typing on that thing. 2.) Photography: Using the camera connection kit, I can dump RAW photos from my 40D onto the iPad, and edit them in a number of apps. It’s not Lightroom, but it works in a pinch. I can also dump the photos from my iPhone onto the iPad and edit on a larger screen.

3.) Pages, Numbers, and Keynote: Granted, the full versions offer more options, but the iOS versions are incredibly functional. I’ve built entire presentations using only the iPad. 4.) Email: I prefer the iOS email client to the actual Mail.app on my MacBook.

5.) Movies: I fly a lot for work. Back in the day, I’d load movies onto my iPod Touch or iPhone, but the iPad’s larger screen makes in-flight movie watching so much more enjoyable. The only down side is that any R-rated content is easily seen by those around me. That can get uncomfortable on occasion. I try to stick to PG-13 or lower when I’m on a plane. When I wrote that blog post last year, I was definitely missing the point. I rely on the iPad far more than I ever thought possible. And while the iPad 2 wasn’t enough of an improvement to get me to upgrade, I’m crossing my fingers for the iPad 3. :)