If This Then That is Awesome

This is my favorite find for the past week. If This Then That (ifttt.com) lets you create automated tasks simply. 
For example. If I upload an Instagram photo, then also save it to a folder in my Dropbox account. I like taking pictures of food, so I have a task set up to send all my Instagram photos tagged with #food to my ‘Food Pictures’ notebook in Evernote. Saves me the hassle of remembering to do it myself. Upload a new Flickr photo? Have it automatically sent to your Posterous blog. Want to know when tomorrow’s forecast calls for rain? IFTTT.com can send you an email or a text message to remind you to dig out your galoshes. (Of course, here in Portland, I just have it tell me if it’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow–otherwise I’d be  getting an email almost every day.

Definitely worth checking out if you find yourself doing repetitive tasks online.