SOPA and the Student


Several sites went black today in protest of SOPA. The idea is to demonstrate what we could lose if the bill passes.
Tonight, my daughter was working on her art paper. She’s writing about a current pop artist, and doing her research on the web. Unfortunately, her Google search pointed towards a page on Wikipedia, and was replaced by the black out page.

It was a perfect example of who will suffer if SOPA passes. The web changed the way people acquire information. When I was in school, if I wanted to write a paper about someone, I’d hit the library and try to find some books about that person. I was limited to what was physically present in the library. Now, a global library is available to anyone who knows how to Google. Granted, it requires a bit more fact checking, (What? You mean the Pacific Tree Octopus isn’t real?!) but the information is out there.