Return to Social Media and Dark Castle


Did you miss me? What? You didn’t even notice I was gone? Whatever.

The 29th marks the end of my experiment, though I probably won’t be uploading the bulk of my February stuff until tomorrow.

As I sit here in my home office, snow and rain battle each other for bragging rights on tonight’s weather report. It’s been a fairly eventful month in the offline world, but the epiphany I expected never came.
For those of you looking for a quick read, here’s the summary:

Pros: Wasted less time mindlessly surfing tweets and Facebook posts.
Cons: Had no idea what anyone not living in Portland was up to.
Conclusion: Stupid experiment.
Seriously–the primary thing I noticed in February is that I almost completely lost touch with anyone not living in Portland. Whether we like it or not, the primary method for sharing information has changed. We can roll with it, or live in the dark.

Also noticed: Twitter, Facebook, etc. have become my primary news sources. I rarely watch the news on TV, and only had access to my Google Reader feeds in February. I got some news, but still felt a little out of the loop when conversations turned to current events.
I will say that it was nice not feeling the need to post photos immediately after taking them. The kiddo and I have been trying to go out shooting every weekend, and it was nice to take some time to edit and experiment without feeling rushed to post. The 365 and 52 projects continued through February (couldn’t give up photography completely.)

I had hoped to be writing some supremely educational and wise report today, but I’m drawing a blank. It was… Meh. No sudden realization of… well… anything.
Much thanks to those of you who emailed and texted to check in… Gilder, Jake, Mac, Elana, etc.

So that’s it. Prepare yourselves for more random, useless bits of information on the interwebs from yours truly. Maybe next February I’ll try ditching verbal communication. At least that could be entertaining.
One thing that happened in February I wish I’ve been waiting to post… Return to Dark Castle is available in the Mac App Store!!!

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