Evernote for Photographers

After creating the little presentation detailing how teachers can use Evernote, I decided to modify it for photographers. I still think 99% of the population can find a way to integrate Evernote into their lives in some way. There are so many different ways to utilize Evernote--find the way that works for you and get organized.As for photography, use it to store all your client information, release forms, shooting locations, ideas, equipment list (with serial numbers for insurance purposes,) etc.Sidenote: The presentation was created in Keynote, and some of the coolness was stripped out when exporting to PowerPoint. Sorry about that.Sidenote #2: The iOS UI has been updated. This presentation still shows the older UI, but the functionality itself is the same. It still rocks.Grab the PowerPoint: Evernote_for_PhotographersOr preview in Scribd below.[scribd id=93800368 key=key-1e6dufussgxpjp4mstvq mode=list]