Week 5 (theme: “Animals”)

Title:  Max The Power Animal

While attending a Marketing Mastermind session this week I was telling a story about a shaman helping me discover my power animal.  A few minutes later I was joking about how my elevator pitch was horrible, and so far all I could come up with was, “I don’t know what I do, but I know I don’t kill puppies.”  Just then this little guy wandered into our meeting (lost).  We named him Max, and decided he would be our group’s power animal for the day. I was able to capture a shot of him yawning before our meeting ended.  It was also suggested that I if I’m that powerful at manifesting objects/beings into physical form that I should start claiming, “I don’t kill $1,000,000.”     

Epilogue:  A subset of our group canvased the neighborhood looking for Max’s owners.  He was then taken to a nearby vet, and eventually reconnected with his owners later that night. Yay! 

Taken 1/29/14 with iPhone 4S using the native camera app with the Fade filter. Cropped.