52 Weeks Project : Week 13 : Food


Week 13

This one’s for the foodies out there. And the folks who thinking taking pictures of food is goofy. Feel free to take an ironic food photo.

I know light is important in all types of photography, but it’s huge in food photography. Poorly lit food doesn’t look appetizing at all. If that’s what you’re going for (to make fun of the rest of us,) that’s perfectly acceptable. :) If not, try to shoot your food near a window with good light. Backlit food looks delicious. If you need to add a little light, try using a piece of white poster board to bounce the natural light back onto the food. Experiment with different compositions. If you’re shooting a baked dish, try adding a few of the raw ingredients around the plate. Try it with and without utensils, or drinks. Experiment.

There’s a lot of room to get creative this week, so have at it!

You’re more than welcome to continue submitting your photos here, but we’ve moved the project to the Facebook page to make it easier for more people to participate. If you’d like to join there, head to the Facebook page and join this week’s event. Then just post your photo to the event page.