Sony A7RIII and Amazon

Sony A7RIIIWhen I switched from Canon to Sony, I bought the A7II. The guy behind the counter at ProPhoto told me that if I went with the basic II instead of the RII, I'd regret it. I can't say that I regretted it, but I do wish I had gone with the RII. At the time, though, I wasn't 100% sure I was going to switch to Sony, so I didn't want to spend the extra money.So I've been waiting patiently, telling myself that the II is just fine for what I've been shooting in Montana. And it is. But when Sony released the RIII, I knew I wanted to upgrade. I just couldn't justify it to myself at the time.Last Fall I shot a wedding, and rented the RIII. I fell in love with it instantly. The few complaints I had about the II were gone in the RIII.

  • Focus selection point was difficult to move with the control wheel
  • SD card write speed was painfully slow
  • Battery life

It's a short list. Like I said, the a7II is a great camera. But those three things were huge to me when shooting portraits. I've been shooting landscapes since I moved back to Montana, though, so I was getting by just fine.I'm back in Portland visiting for a few weeks, and have some portrait shoots lined up, so I convinced myself that now was the time to bite the bullet and upgrade to the RIII.Which brings us to Amazon and UPS.I was going to buy it locally at BestBuy. Placed my online pick-up order at the closest store that had it in stock. By the time I had completed checkout, they showed no stock, and I wouldn't be able to pick up the camera until a week later. So I canceled that order.I hopped on Amazon. Two day Prime delivery is good enough for the shooting schedule I had lined up. Plus, in Portland, sometimes I get one day delivery. Not the case here, but I rarely have problems ordering from Amazon in Portland. Ordered the camera on Friday, Amazon promised delivery by Monday. Good enough. Placed my order.On Monday morning, I was expecting to get the familiar message on my phone telling me that my Amazon order was on a truck for delivery. I checked the app. The camera wasn't even showing as "shipped". Uh oh. I kept checking, and later in the day the "Delivery by end of day today" changed to "Delivery by end of day tomorrow".Seriously?I mean, the UPS tracking info showed it coming from Troutdale on Monday. I could drive over there and pick it up. I don't know how Amazon logistics work, but if it's coming from the same metro area, it would seem simple to make sure it gets to UPS in time for the promised delivery date.I fully expect deliveries to Montana to occasionally take more than two days. But being late in a city that also offers same-day delivery is just lazy.So I watched the UPS tracking. My camera went from Troutdale, to Portland, and eventually--around 6pm the next day--to me./rantI had some time to play with the camera last night, but I won't really get to test it out until later today and tomorrow. I'll either post my thoughts here, or pop in a link to a post on my main site. So far, I think it's worth every penny. I upgraded the firmware to 3.0 to get the animal eye detection, and it works perfectly as far as I can tell.I really just wanted to rant here. I'm getting more and more convinced that Amazon Prime is just becoming a waste of money.