One thing I miss about Portland is the breweries and food. Montana has breweries, and some of them even have good food, but there's just something about a good Portland brewery that I haven't found anywhere else.

So I met some people at StormBreaker for drinks and dinner.

Sidenote: LumeCubes are great when you want to get creative with your food/drink photos.

Of course, the main thing I miss about Portland is the people. There's a relatively short list of people I actually want to see when I come back for a visit, and three of those people showed up at StormBreaker.

The whole St. John's area of Portland has been getting cooler and cooler. From the St. John's bridge to the restaurants and businesses that have made St. John's their home, it's definitely worth a visit. Pop down to Cathedral Park to get a picture of the bridge if you have time.

St John's Bridge, captured with a Polaroid camera I bought at Blue Moon a few years back

While you're out there eating good food and drinking good beer, go next door to Blue Moon Camera and Machine to check out all their awesome film cameras.