TUESDAY TIPS: LiveScribe for Photography

If you haven't checked out the LiveScribe Sky pen yet, do so now. I'll wait. Back? Full Disclosure: The LiveScribe Sky pen was provided to me as an Evernote Ambassador. There was no requirement to write a review, positive or otherwise. There are obvious benefits to the LiveScribe pens. Especially for students or anyone who has to … Continue reading TUESDAY TIPS: LiveScribe for Photography

TUESDAY TIPS: Evernote + Doxie + New Puppy

I recently decided that it was time I got myself a dog. Moving from the condo to a house with a yard was a big part of the decision. Less work travel makes me more puppy-friendly, too.The web is full of adoptable pets. I kept track of the ones I was interested in by clipping the … Continue reading TUESDAY TIPS: Evernote + Doxie + New Puppy